ATC Auto Technology Center

We are Professional in the diagnostics equipments for all the cars and trucks

We offer all the professional Measuring equipment, Technical Engineering Literature and Education for the automotive industry. Moreover we have a wide range of service and diagnostic tools for both diesels as gasoline vehicles. In our web you can see all these products.

Our measuring equipment include diagnosis of both cars, trucks and motorcycles. Diagnosis The range consists of carefully chosen suppliers for various vehicle parks in order to best assimilate workshops opportunities to the gain access to all control units on all cars and the functionality is there.

Today, approx. 30% of the manufacturing cost of a car out of electronics. Fleet of diesel vehicles has increased and the necessary equipment for diesel specialist as test benches for pumps and commom rail system. The regular workshop in need of diesel test equipment to determine if components are faulty and needs replacing or passed on to a diesel specialist.

Our powerful technology systems found it to be always on the top in allover the world in finding up the right solutions for all your car problems and services, we always desire to be number one in this field as we are now, out main aim is surmounting all your hindrance in this life.