ATC Auto Technology Center
Auto Technology Center (ATC) it is one of the Iraqi International Group (IIG) companies ;It is a world wide company specialized in wide range of various products for all the types and models of the cars and trucks which manufactured in all over the world ,ATC products provided from a well-known manufactory brands as a partners international companies to IIG.

Auto Technology Center , Founded from a very small idea with Autometric AB then this small idea become big after a long discussions to be ATC just the main dealer for all the Iraqi market for all the products of Autometric AB and all their partners which already shown in our partners section .

We are covering in Iraq the following:

  • All the sales for allover Iraq parts.
  • Fully after sales service (maintenance, technical support, technical follow up, software update, and guaranty) with the training of the client technical staff then the training development for all the software update which come three times per every year.
  • Spear parts.

Our mother company IIG dealing the business in all over the world and focusing on Iraq moreover all the Arab countries with unlimited width range of business.

Finally , We are experts in providing the quality